Born in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, Debesh has been working in the field of theatre for the last thirty three years. He is the founder and director of “Sansriti”. He has directed over 40 plays in Bengali. “Winkle Twinkle”, “Devi Sarpomasta”, “Phataru”, “Saudagorer Nouka” are milestone productions on the Bengali Stage directed by Debesh.

Not only proscenium, but he has also directed plays for intimate and site-specific theatre. He is a well acclaimed theatre academic and expert, and has completed a senior fellowship on “Cognitive Neuroscience and Theatre”. He has written several books on theatre. “The Week” magazine felicitated him as one of the ‘Fifty emerging stars of India’ in 2003. Debesh has been honoured by Paschimbanga Natya  Academy (Govt. of W.B.) as “Best Director” twice. Recipient  of many awards  Debesh directed his first feature film “Natoker Moto: like a play” in 2015. It was included in International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in the Indian Panorama and, International Competition Section. Film Critic Circle of India (FCCI) honoured him as best debut director of 2015 for the film. Currently he is working on “Natyashastra”. Highest state award in theatre (Girish Ghosh Samman) was given to Debesh by Govt. of W.B. (I&CA) in 2019. 



In 1997 Sansriti organized seminar on ‘Conventional Education & Children’s Theatre’ at Girish Mancha.
Lecturers: Sandip Banerjee, Pradip Bhattacharya, Mohit Ranadip, Tirthankar Chanda
Co-ordinator : Soumen Guha

In 2001 Sansriti organized seminar on ‘Usha Face To Face’ at  Bangla Academy.
Lecturer : Usha Ganguly
Co-ordinator : Rathin Chakraborty

In the same year another seminar on ‘Time Organisation Theatre’ was also organized at Bangla Academy.
Lecturer : Kumar Roy, Bibhas Chakraborty, Meghnad Bhattacharya
Co-ordinator : Debashis Majumder

In 2002 Sansriti and Paschimbanga Nastya Academy jointly arranged a seminar, topic was ‘Birth Centennary of Satu Sen’.

In 2003 a seminar on 'Winkle Twinkle' was organished by Sansriti.
Lecturer: Poet Subodh Sarkar 

In 2004 Sansriti organished seminar on ‘History of Indian Theatre’.
Speaker: Kamal Saha 

In 2008 a seminar was organized on ‘Economics & Contemporary Theatre’.
Lecturer : Bibhas Chakrabarty, Chandan Sen, Manish Mitra, Tirthankar Chanda
Co-ordinator : Pachu Roy

In 2010 Sansriti conducted seminar on ‘Neuroscience & Theatre’ at Bangur Rehearsal Room.
Speaker : Debesh Chattopadhyay 

In 2011, ‘Sohinir Mukhomukhi’ was arranged at Tripti Mitra Sabhaghar.
Co-ordinator : Soumitra Mitra

In 2012 an event was organized on ‘Usha Gangully’  at Natya Academy Tripti Mitra Sabhaghar.

In 2013 a seminar was organized by Sansriti on ‘In Search of New Theatrical Language’ at Bangla Academy.
Speakers: Sujan Mukhopadhyay, Sudipta Chakrabarty, Dron Acharyay and Ambarish Bhattacharyay.

In 2014 a seminar on 'Mahabharata and Folk Tales' was held at Bangla Academy.
Speaker : Nrishingha Prasad Bhaduri 

In 2015 an event, named 'Why do I act' was organized at Bangla Academy.
Speaker : Swaoli Mitra 

In 2016 arranged the event ‘Amar Natyadarshan’ at Bangla Academy.
Speaker : Mr. Amar Mitra 

In 2017 Sansriti organized a seminar on ‘Bhoroter Natyasastra’ at Bangla Academy.
Speaker : Mr. Piyal Bhattacharya & Mr. Debesh Chatterjee 

In 2018 a seminar was arranged on ‘Scenographic Language in Indian Theatre’ at Nandan 4.
Speaker : Deepan Sivaraman
Moderator: Anshuman Bhowmick & Dr.Asish Goswami.